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NY State Senate and Assembly" Article 146, Industrial Hygiene and Safety Professionals" amendment.  This article was discussed by NFASSE member, Al Smith, at the November 18th Chapter meeting.

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To ASSE Chapter Leaders and All ASSE Members:


This is the first State SH&E Legislative Activities Report for 2012.  A few reminders. 


  1. Approval process – Like any organization, ASSE has an approval process for undertaking any government affairs activities under ASSE’s name.  A chapter or an individual cannot speak for ASSE or use ASSE’s name in communications without approval.  The goal is not to keep anyone from doing government affairs.  In fact, we try and keep the approval process as simple as possible to encourage involvement.  The purpose is to make sure ASSE speaks with a consistent voice.  The approval process is easy.  A letter has been approved in as short as a day.  You can find those simple procedures at  When in doubt, simply send me an email at [email protected].  Or contact your Region’s ARVP for GA, below.  We are here to help.


Region 1 – Jim Boretti -- [email protected]

Region 2 – Earnest Harper -- [email protected]

Region 3 – Bill Propes -- [email protected]

Region 4 – Frank Lakotich – [email protected]

Region 5 – Don Cooper – [email protected]

Region 6 – Gary Barger – [email protected]

Region 7 – Mike Neason – [email protected]

Region 8 -- Bob Coffey -- [email protected]


  1. Posting on websites – By contract, StateNet provides this information to ASSE.  It is copyrighted and, by contract with StateNet, we can only share this information with ASSE members.  Do not post these reports to websites open to the public. These reports can only be included on protected sites. 


  1. Chapter GA Chairs – The purpose of sending these reports is, first, to inform ASSE members of state actions that could impact their practice.  Chapter GA Chairs should at least make sure all the members in the Chapter get this free information.  Better, a Chapter GA Chair should identify state actions that members in the state can involve themselves in supporting, opposing or changing.  More information on taking action can be found at Get Involved on the ASSE Government Affairs page at  Or, please contact me at [email protected] or the ARVP for GA for your Region. 


Any questions or comments, please let me know.  Here’s to a positive 2012.  Thanks.  Dave 



For ASSE Members Only -- A Membership Benefit


For ASSE Members Only -- A Membership Benefit


ASSE Government Affairs


State SH&E Legislative Activities Report


4.21.12 – 5.17.12


To ASSE Chapter Government Affairs Chairs:


You can find this legislative report at 051712 StateNet Legislation.


Interesting bills – Some interesting bills and also some opportunities for ASSE state government affairs activities –


  • AK has passed a law allowing for the use of naturally occurring asbestos in construction.
  • A bill raising civil penalties for violations of intrastate pipeline safety regulations has passed the CA Assembly.
  • A bill has also passed the CA Assembly that would prohibit the sale of a new table saw without active injury mitigation technology.
  • The CA Assembly is considering an agricultural employee safety bill concerning heat-related illness.
  • A bill has passed the CA Assembly requiring the Department of Mental Health to develop an injury and illness prevention plan.
  • An Executive Order in CA requires all new state buildings and major renovations beginning design after 2025 to be constructed as Zero Net Energy facilities with an interim target for 50% of new facilities beginning design after 2020 to be Zero Net Energy.
  • In IL a bill has passed both Houses to require safe lifting in nursing homes.
  • Bills related to hydraulic fracturing are in process in IL, NY and PA.
  • Bills concerning lead risk in housing have passed into law in MD.
  • The Governor in ME has signed a bill amending various workers’ compensation provisions.
  • MI has various new laws concerning underground storage tanks.
  • A NH bill is ready for the governor’s signature that would raise from 10 to 15 the number of employees that an employer must have in order to be subject to a workers’ compensation safety program and repeals the workers’ comp safety inspection fund.
  • In NY a bill has passed the Assembly establishing the crimes of vehicular assault and vehicular manslaughter in an active work zone and intrusion into an active work zone.
  • A bill has been introduced in NY to establish a New York City Construction Safety Task Force to advise the city on issues related to safety in the construction industry.

States included in this report include AK, AL, AZ, CA, CO, CT, FL, GA, HI, IL, LA, MA, MD, ME, MI, MN, MO, NH, NJ, NY, OH, PA, RI, TN and VT. 

For the actual bills or more detailed information on status, states have readily available legislative information available on line.  ASSE has links to state government sites at  Alternately, using any Internet search engine, type the name of the state and “legislation” or “government” and the proper site should be easily found.


Disclaimer – This report is put together from information provided by State Net, a state leg/reg service ASSE subscribes to under contract.  This is copyrighted information.  Any use beyond informing ASSE members is prohibited.  The StateNet information and the process ASSE undergoes to edit it is not perfect.  Just a report is not in this summary does not mean that a significant issue is not taking place in a state.  This report cannot be a substitute for a multi-faceted system of good contacts and information-gathering techniques. 



Dave Heidorn, JD

Manager, Gov’t Affairs and Policy

American Society of Safety Engineers

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